About Us!

Glen Barger & Sons Accounting Services, Inc. has been performing professional accounting  services in the South Jersey area for over 30 years. We provide many services for both the individual as well as local businesses. From Federal and State 1040 Income Tax preparation to a multitude of services for small business, including corporate and partnership returns, quarterly/monthly payroll and sales tax reporting. No matter what your needs are, GB & Sons Accounting Services is the place to go for quality and affordable services.

Company History

Glen Barger

Glen graduated with an Accounting Degree from Grove City College, PA in 1971.  He enlisted in the United States Army shortly after graduation and after fulfulling his military service, Glen began his professional career in 1973 as an auditor for the State of New Jersey, Division of Taxation.

In 1976 he began performing accounting services in the evenings and in 1977 he left the State to concentrate on his growing practice. Initially working from his home office, Glen incorporated in July of 1985 and GB Accounting Services was officially born. With more and more clients, and now a father of four, Glen out grew the home office and leased his first office space in 1988. "The Red Barn" as some of you may remember, located on Kresson Road in Voorhees. In 1990, the firm was relocated to its current location on Laurel Oak Road, Voorhees, across from Eastern High School. Glen's original motto, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well," still continues today for Glen Barger & Sons Accounting Services. 

Robert Barger

With a father like Glen, it is no wonder that Robert grew up with a joy for numbers. In high school and college, Robert would work part time at the firm, helping with various tasks and learning the ways of his family's practice. After completing his accounting degree from The College of New Jersey in 2005, Robert continued his career with a large public accounting firm where he expanded his accounting experience and passed the Certified Public Accountant exam. With CPA license in hand, in 2008, Robert rejoined the family firm. Robert now handles the majority of home appointments, as well as providing personal and business accounting needs.

Timothy Barger

Timothy, Glen's middle son, has been working for the family firm since 2005 and helps with the review, preparation, and e-filing processes. He is currently working on his accounting degree and looks forward to continuing his family's tradition. 

In 2010, GB Accounting Services officially added "& Sons" to its name. We continue to provide a professional product with the quality and care of a family owned business. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment!